Shandra Woworuntu

Founder and CEO

Mentari USA

Shandra is the founder and CEO of Mentari Human Trafficking Survivor Empowerment Program, Inc.. She is a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence, and now lends her voice in the fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery at the global level, through raising awareness, education, advocacy, lobbying for legislative change, and empowerment. She is an expert in trauma-informed services using a client-centered approach.

As a survivor leader, Shandra has testified before the United States Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations Ending Modern Slavery Senate, and consulted with numerous governmental bodies in the United States, Mexico and the OSCE. In 2011, Shandra co-founded a survivor leadership program called “Voices of Hope” in New York.

From 2013-2017, she was appointed The State of New Jersey Commissioner on Human Trafficking. In 2014, Shandra participated in the first Federal Survivor Forum Listening Session at the United States White House, along with 18 other survivors of human trafficking. In 2015, Shandra was appointed by former President Barack Obama to be a member of the first United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. Since 2017, Shandra became a survivor advisor to the ODHIR-OSCE based in Europe on the Human Trafficking National Referral Mechanism publication.

Shandra has given lectures to colleges about human trafficking as well as trauma-informed journalism. She is a member of Alliance 8.7 and is a WHY SLAVERY? Ambassador to the United Nations.

Shandra has been honored by multiple organizations and has been a motivational and inspirational speaker at events for institutions around the world. Most recently, she was a 2017 L’Oreal Women of Worth National Honoree and was one of 2020’s top 100 Most Influential Asian Americans in New York politics and policy. Recently, Shandra was appointed to become a member of the First International Survivor of Trafficking Advisory council to the ODHIR-OSCE. Recently, she co-founded Asian Network Against Violence.