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The more things change, the more we need to come together.

Much has changed for all of us over the last few months. But one thing has remained the same: Our collective commitment to creating a world where no person is bought, sold or exploited. While we had to cancel our scheduled May, 2020 national conference, we continued to connect, collaborate and learn from one another with our Spring Speakers Series of webinars. Because facilitating connection is what World Without Exploitation is all about.

We’re pleased to announce the continuation of the Now & Next Speakers Series. We are back after our August break with fresh and exciting topics and speakers. The Fall/Winter series is a monthly digital gathering - the second Thursday of each month from 12-1 pm eastern- hosted by World Without Exploitation and curated with our coalition membership in mind.

The Now & Next Speakers Series features movement leaders and opinion shapers sharing best practices, presenting new research, and exploring innovative ways to make our movement more effective and inclusive. Best of all, World Without Exploitation members, national convening registrants, and other allies can take part in our Now & Next Speakers Series at no charge, thanks to sponsorship by Demand Abolition. So join us for a series of presentations that will explore today’s issues and tomorrow’s solutions for the movement to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. See you online!

The Speakers Series is made available free of charge. In lieu of a registration fee, please consider making a donation to World Without Exploitation.

Our Goals Are

Indigenous Survivors Speak Out

Data about the sex trafficking of Indigenous women and girls in the United States had been woefully lacking. That changed over a decade ago, with the publication of two research reports: Garden of Truth: The Prostitution & Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota (2011) and Shattered Hearts: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of American Indian Women and Girls in Minnesota (2009).  

Those reports exposed, for the first time and in great detail, the extent of sex trafficking within the population of Indigenous women and girls, and how that trafficking impacts them.

During “Indigenous Survivors Speak Out,” Christine Stark and Sandi Pierce, both Indigenous sex trafficking survivors who played critical roles in the reports’ creation, and Jeri Moomaw, an Indigenous sex trafficking survivor who works with legal authorities, tribes and urban Indian organizations to ensure that those critical services are available to Indigenous victims and survivors in the Pacific Northwest, will discuss the historical factors that continue to cause high rates of sexual violence and sexual exploitation among Indigenous women in the U.S. and Canada. They will also speak to the structure and processes of trafficking operations targeting Indigenous peoples and the ways that trauma-informed, strength-based support services can best incorporate traditional cultures to promote the healing and well-being of victims and survivors.


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|November 12| Indigenous Survivors Speak Out with: Jeri Moomaw (Innovations Human Trafficking Collective), Sandi Pierce (Innovations Human Trafficking Collective), Christine Stark (Author)|button>Register[]|
|December 10| Equal Not Exploited: A survivor-driven agenda for ending commercial sexual exploitation with: Rebecca Bender (Rebecca Bender Initiative), Alisa Bernard (Organization for Prostitution Survivors), Vednita Carter (Breaking Free), Bekah Charleston (Valient Hearts), Cristian Eduardo (Sanctuary for Families), Marian Hatcher (SPACE International), Megan Lundstrom (|Avery Cener for Research & Services), Audrey Morrissey (My Life My Choice), Christine Stark (Author)button>Register[]|
|January 14| The Movement is the Message: Messaging and communication to change hearts, minds and laws about commercial sexual exploitation with: Anne K. Ream (The Voices and Faces Project)|button>Register[]|

|October 8| Fact, Fiction & Fear: The impact of conspiracy theories on the anti-trafficking movement with: Rebecca Bender (Rebecca Bender Initiative), Shea M. Rhodes (CSE Institute)|button>View[][XXXXXXXXXXXXX]|
|September 10| The LGBT Community and Commercial Sexual Exploitation with: Cristian Eduardo (Sanctuary for Families), Esperanza Fonseca (AF3IRM)|button>View[]|

|July 30|The Neurobiology of Trauma and Resilience: What the anti-sex trafficking movement needs to know with: Laura Mahr (Conscious Legal Minds LLC)|

|July 16|No Shelter in Place: Sexploitation of homeless youth and their increased vulnerabilities during the COVID-19 crisis with: Jayne Bigelsen (Covenant House New York)|button>View[]|

|July 9| Survivors Speak Out: Criminal justice reform and the reality of decriminalizing the sex trade with: Alisa Bernard (Organization For Prostitution Survivors), Vednita Carter (Breaking Free), Cristian Eduardo (Sanctuary for Families), Marian Hatcher (SPACE International)|button>View[]|

|July 2| Real Accountability in a Virtual World: Engaging corporations to fight online sexploitation with: Dawn Hawkins (National Center on Sexual Exploitation), Christen Price (National Center on Sexual Exploitation)|button>View[]|

|June 25|Why We Must Address Demand to End Trafficking with: Valiant Richey (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)|button>View[]|

|June 18| 2020 Voters - American views on prostitution policies with: Meg Bostrom (Topos Partnership), Emily Brew (brew advisors), Tania Stewart (M+R)|button>View[]|

|June 11| The Bitter Truth About Sugaring: Deception and false promises in exploitation's new frontier with: Tamar Arenson (The One Campaign), Angie Henderson (University of Northern Colorado), Megan Lundstrom (Avery Center for Research & Services)|button>View[]|

|June 4|Privilege and Racial Marginalization: The racism of prostitution with: Audrey Morrissey (My Life My Choice), Sonia Ossorio (National Organization for Women New York), Christine Stark (Author)|button>View[]|

|May 28|Man to Man: Promoting healthy masculinity and ending men's violence with: Jimmie Briggs (Man Up Campaign), Peter Qualliotine (Modeling Equality)|button>View[]|

|May 21|Growing Up in a Porn Culture: Social, emotional, and cognitive impact on youth with: Dr. Gail Dines (Culture Reframed)|button>View[]|

|May 14|Let's Get Real: Life in the legal sex trade with: Rebecca Bender(Rebecca Bender Initiative), Bekah Charleston (Valiant Hearts) and sponsored by Levin Papantonio|

|May 7|Past is Present: The historical effects of the sex trade on women and girls of color today with: Cherice Hopkins (Rights4Girls)|button>View[]|

|April 30|#Traffickinghub: How Pornhub is enabling sexual exploitation and what we can do about it with: Laila Mickelwait (Exodus Cry)|

|April 23|Just the Facts: Identifying and appropriately using solid data with: Katie Feifer (The Voices and Faces Project)|button>View[]|

|April 16|Online Exploitation Ecosystems: Short-term impact of COVID-19 on human trafficking in the US with: Rob Spectre (|

|April 9|The Equality Model: Hurdles, roadblocks and the path forward with: Audrey Morrissey (My Life My Choice), Lauren Hersh (World Without Exploitation)|


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