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The Now & Next Speakers Series is a webinar program that supports our collective commitment to creating a world where no person is bought, sold or exploited. The Speakers Series features movement leaders and opinion shapers sharing best practices, presenting new research, and exploring innovative ways to make our movement more effective and inclusive.

Best of all, World Without Exploitation members, national convening registrants, and other allies can take part in our Now & Next Speakers Series at no charge, thanks to sponsorship by Demand Abolition. So join us for a series of presentations that will explore today’s issues and tomorrow’s solutions for the movement to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. See you online!

The Speakers Series is made available free of charge. In lieu of a registration fee, please consider making a donation to World Without Exploitation.

Our Goals Are

Special event

On Tuesday, December 7, please join Oregon's Northwest Survivor Alliance Town Hall meeting to hear a discussion about the realities of fully decriminalizing prostitution in the state of Oregon. Hear from survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation as well as leaders and allies. Together let’s get a better understanding of this important issue.

The formation of the Northwest Survivor Alliance brings local human trafficking survivor voices to the table to respond to and educate the public on the Equality Model and five common questions covering truths and myths of full decriminalization of prostitution:
1. What does it mean to fully decriminalize prostitution?
2. How would full decrim impact the community?
3. Are there alternatives to full decriminalization that would still protect the prostituted person?
4. Shouldn't it be legal for two consenting adults to engage in the exchange of sex for money?
5. If prostitution is fully decriminalized, won't that make it safer for those who choose to work in the sex industry?

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