Our second annual Youth Summit: Friday, July 26.

We're once again bringing together 200 activists and artists, ages 16 - 28, for a full day of panel discussions, strategic storytelling workshops, and advocacy trainings.

Because it's time to continue the conversation. About what real equality means in a world where millions of people across the globe are still being bought, sold, and exploited. About what the stories of survivors can teach us about the root causes of commercial sexual exploitation. And about how we can finally end the demand for prostituted or trafficked persons. This youth-driven, survivor-centered event will allow us to engage more effectively in the fight to end exploitation.

Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY

Space is limited. RSVP here.

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Share this page with your friends and followers. We need them to get involved! The more voices that are heard, the more minds we can change.

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Show your support for the FOSTA+SESTA package. Every signature we get will show Congress how important it is that we give victims a pathway to justice against websites that knowingly facilitate human trafficking.

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