Introducing the World Without Exploitation Youth Coalition.

About Us

The fight to create a world where no one is bought, sold or exploited is a fightfor the future - and creating an exploitation-free future is what the World Without Exploitation Youth Coalition is all about. Our new, national, youth-led network–madeup of young people, ages 15 to 28–is using advocacy, educational, and awareness raising initiatives to create change while supporting a culture of inclusion and diversity. Young survivor leaders, students, professionals, activists, artists and allies are all encouraged to be a part of our efforts. We're doing this through:

Public Education

Hosting youth-targeted and led events, webinars, and monthly coalition meetings that educate on the issues of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Awareness Raising

Developing a strong social media presence to raise awareness about exploitation while engaging youth through a variety of virtual platforms.

Legal Advocacy

Advocating for policy change through direct engagement with policymakers and decision makers, while supporting and creating campaigns that uplift the voices of survivors.

Youth Coalition Executive Leadership

Youth Coalition Council

Christina Vasile, Social Media
Jason Perez, Outreach
Victoria Gallastegui, Research Coordinator
Sarah Gorman, Outreach Committee

Zoe Gelman, TikTok Manager
Devin Buckley, Education
Joelene Ortega, Outreach
Samantha Sarelli, College Group

Riss Myung, Education
Delaney Hausch, Social Media
Chloe Palagonia, Outreach

Meet our World Without Exploitation Youth Coalition members and learn why they joined.

Upcoming Events

May 24


Glamorizing Sugaring: The Dangers & Realities

Sugar dating is a transactional dating arrangement usually between an older, wealthier person and a younger individual in need of financial support. The media, social media, and films have often portrayed sugar dating as lucrative and empowering. Young people are being seduced into going on dates for compensation by their peers, sugaring websites, and social media. The realities are much darker. Sugar dating can be a direct line to prostitution, trafficking, and exploitation especially for vulnerable identities. Hear from our panelists Angie Henderson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Northern Colorado and Co-Founder for the Avery Center and Niyah Sheffield, Research Assistant at the Avery Center about the realities of sugar dating.


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