Angie Henderson

Professor of Sociology

University of Northern Colorado

Dr. Angie Henderson is a professor of sociology at the University of Northern Colorado & co-founder of The Avery Center for Research & Services (TAC), which is a survivor-led, nationally-serving organization that supports victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.  With expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research design, she has published over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, 4 book chapters, and one co-authored textbook.  She has also given over 50 professional presentations at academic conferences.  Her research has consistently been multi-method; Dr. Henderson has expertise in interviewing, focus groups, observational analysis, and statistical analysis. Dr. Henderson has served as a consultant for the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) re: gender & human trafficking. Most recently, she was invited to present at the United Nations’ Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice in Vienna, Austria regarding her expertise and research on demand reduction.  Her passion lies in fostering research-based collaboration in the anti-trafficking movement and bringing folks together from various industries to reduce demand for commercial sex in order to effectively address commercial sexual exploitation.  She is currently partnering/has partnered with EPIK Project, World Without Exploitation, Stop the Traffik, Traffik Analysis Hub, Hoola Na Pua, Love Justice International, Seattle Against Slavery, the Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation at Villanova University, Ride My Road, Restoration Project, Fort Collins Police Services & Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, and countless survivor-led organizations across the country.