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We’re working to create a world that is consistent with our name, where no person is bought, sold, or exploited.

Every day in America tens of thousands of people are trafficked and sexually exploited. Millions more are bought, sold, and exploited worldwide. After decades of extraordinary political, economic, and social progress, why are so many people still being purchased like products?

World Without Exploitation was created to confront that question. Our movement was born of a series of conversations among exploitation and trafficking survivors, human rights and gender justice advocates, artists, activists, and direct service providers. We’re united in the belief that we won’t end exploitation until we confront its root causes. We know that an injustice that goes unseen is an injustice that goes unchallenged. And challenging a world in which human beings are being trafficked and exploited is what World Without Exploitation is all about.

Change is a chorus, not a solo: Meet our team.

World Without Exploitation isn’t just a campaign – it’s a community of organizations and individuals who share a vision and seek to leverage our unique skills and different backgrounds in the fight to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

History shows us that lasting social and legal change occurs when many people – often very different people – come together on behalf of a shared goal. We may not always agree on tactics or solutions, but we do agree passionately on the importance of debate, dialogue, and finding common ground in order to create political and cultural change. That’s why we’re committed to engaging people from a broad range of disciplines and sectors in our fight for an exploitation-free world.

World Without Exploitation was founded in 2016 by Coalition Against Trafficking in Women,  Demand Abolition, National Organization for Women/New York State, Sanctuary for Families, Survivors for Solutions, and The Voices and Faces Project.

Founding Co-Chairs

Executive Council

  • Vednita Carter
  • Estela de los Rios
  • Cristian Eduardo
  • Rachel Foster
  • Lauren Hersh
  • Ane Mathieson
  • Audrey Morrissey
  • Sonia Ossorio
  • Peter Qualliotine
  • Anne K. Ream
  • Shea Rhodes

      Member organizations