Desiree Demos

Survivor and Vice President of Operations

Living in Freedom Together (LIFT)

Desiree Demos serves as the Vice President of Operations for Living in Freedom Together-LIFT. LIFT is a community-based survivor-led organization in Worcester Massachusetts committed to ending the sex trade. As a survivor of exploitation herself with a history of substance use disorder, mental health disorders, homelessness, and incarcerations she knows that real systematic change comes from the work being done by the folx who have been trapped inside those systems. She is a fearless leader and impassioned advocate working to end the residual harm impacting survivors from being penalized for their own gender-based victimization. Desiree’s work in direct service motivated her to grow into a role where she could utilize her lived experienced to build out programming for survivors that not only provides safety and access to basic needs, such as housing, employment, and medical care, but improves their quality of life through policy change and community. Desiree’s belief is that it is not enough to fight only for basic human rights. For that reason, she works diligently to create pathways for survivors that lead to self-worth, self-empowerment, and success.