Gabrielle Prieto

Senior Peer Care Navigator

The EMPOWER Center

Gabrielle (Gigi) Prieto is a dedicated advocate, speaker, educator, and mentor focused on supporting survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. She uses her personal experiences as a survivor to inspire and empower others, primarily working with women, children, and the LGBTQ+ communities. Currently serving as the Senior Peer Care Navigator at Sanctuary for Families' "The EMPOWER Center," Gigi challenges the social stigma surrounding victims of trafficking and advocates for a Human Rights Approach to combat the sex trade. In addition to her role, Gigi also holds positions as an Executive Board Member and Director of several New York-based coalitions, engaging in advocacy on behalf of survivors within the Tri-State area. Her tireless commitment revolves around eradicating systems of prostitution, promoting gender equality, ending violence, and combating human capitalism. Through her transformative journey from survivor to advocate, Gigi aims to make a meaningful impact by pursuing advanced academic degrees in Social Work and Humanities.