Heidi Arpacilar

Executive Vice President

Marmiro Stones

Heidi Arpacilar serves as the Executive Vice President of Marmiro Stones, Inc.  Prior to the stone/design industry Heidi was a middle school teacher, for four years and has always had a heart for helping others.  Though her career shifted towards the stone/design industry, for over 18 years Heidi always had a place in her heart that missed helping others.  Heidi realized that she could use her stone/design and heart to design a mosaic line called L.E.A.F. a life mantra: Live Everyday As Free.  This line is about new beginnings and a better world for everyone.  The collection has 13 designs and each piece has a story of strength, love, devotion and new light.  While designing this line and becoming inspired it still needed the next layer…how can it help others.  Heidi reached out to a dear friend Lauren Hersh who presented the idea to team up with World Without Exploitation and proceeds of this line will be donated to their Survivor scholarship fund.  

As Heidi continues her involvement with World Without Exploitation she would like to bring awareness of these issues to eyes of the stone/design and building industry.  There are many ways we can all come together and help one another.  If we look inside ourselves there is so much talent and with our industries skill and knowledge we can unite to help build homes and educational centers for Human Trafficking.