Helen Taylor

Vice President of Impact

Exodus Cry

Helen Taylor is the Vice President of Impact for Exodus Cry, an international organization committed to abolishing sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Exodus Cry fights trafficking in three major ways: shifting culture through award-winning films that reach millions of viewers; launching viral advocacy campaigns, such as the global #Traffickinghub movement to hold Pornhub accountable; and reaching out to victims and survivors of sexual exploitation, providing direct assistance and trauma therapy services.

Originally from London, England, Helen has been involved in the fight against sex trafficking since 2007 when she first became aware of its global pervasiveness. Before joining Exodus Cry in 2013, Helen worked as an art therapist with trafficking survivors in Cambodia. She oversees Exodus Cry’s outreach department, reaching out to those trafficked in every part of the sex trade, including the streets, strip clubs, brothels, porn conventions, online and to at-risk women in jail. She has trained over 3,000 individuals in outreach in twelve nations and led anti-trafficking initiatives around major world sporting events in Brazil and Russia, and helped to dismantle an international trafficking ring in Moscow. In 2022 she addressed the United Nations on the subject of human trafficking.

Helen is the author of Exodus Cry's "Intervention Manual: A Guide for Reaching Those in the Sex Industry," utilized in 28 countries, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.