Janet Jensen


The Jensen Project

Janet Jensen is the Founder of The Jensen Project where she leverages her strengths in business, innovation, and creativity to cultivate opportunities for individuals and organizations dedicated to empowering survivors and reducing exploitation. A lifelong advocate against sexual violence and exploitation, and a self-proclaimed human investor, Janet strategically aligns stakeholders and cultivates impactful partnerships to create cultural and systemic change, improving the outcomes for all victims of sexual violence.

Janet firmly believes in the Equality Model; holding perpetrators accountable for their crimes while providing exit ramps for survivors.

The Jensen Project’s core program, GrantTank, infuses at least $2,000,000 annually to the anti-trafficking field. This funding provides fuel for true collaboration and expansion of best practices. The 2024 focus areas are Equality Model policy, technology to enhance the field and housing or economic empowerment programs for adult female survivors of sex trafficking.