Jessica Hubley



Jessica Hubley, AnnieCannons CEO, earned a BA and MA from Emory University and a JD from Stanford Law School. Jessica built a legal career at Latham & Watkins LLP and Dickstein Shapiro LLP before opening her own firm, which advised emerging internet, cloud, and digital media companies on general commercial matters, with a particular focus on privacy issues, IP management, and distribution strategies. She served as General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Stride Health, Inc. After years as a lawyer helping software products implement privacy and security by design and helping software consultancies communicate more effectively with their clients, Jessica modeled AnnieCannons’ Impact Agency, a software consultancy that is optimized for women and minorities’ success, to provide the same value for AnnieCannons’ clients. Jessica is also a gallery-shown painter and writes novels. She was introduced to the global issues of human trafficking several years ago through her work as the President of Women of Stanford Law, and met AnnieCannons cofounder, Laura Hackney, while working on a narrative nonfiction piece that highlights the stories of trafficking survivors from around the globe and how existing technology could be leveraged to help them. Jessica has grown the Impact Agency’s revenue consistently since 2016, and continues to lead the strategic execution that will make AnnieCannons a self-sustaining enterprise for social change by 2022.