Kimberly Lambert Adams


Levin, Papantonio, Rafferty

Mrs. Adams has been a litigator and shareholder with Levin Papantonio Rafferty for over a decade, and is currently serving as General Counsel for the firm.   Over the last five years, Mrs. Adams has made it her passion to pursue civil litigation for survivors of human trafficking. She works hand in hand with national anti-trafficking organizations and survivor-advocates to support her clients and frequently speaks publicly to raise awareness about trafficking.  She is committed to changing the perception about victims of trafficking and forcing accountability against those who take advantage of our most vulnerable children.  Currently, she has cases filed throughout the country and she is working with a team of lawyers involving litigation against national hotel brands, tech giants, adult websites, and other businesses who have profited from victims of sex trafficking or child sex abuse material.  Mrs. Adams firmly believes that through litigation will we begin to see a genuine effort by businesses to take action to combat human trafficking and protect children.  She along with her team have made unique and novel arguments that she hopes will empower other victims and legal minds to join in the fight.