Mariam Gerges

Director of Adolescent Services

Bergen Family Center

Mariam Gerges is a Licensed Clinical Social worker with over 15 years of experience working with adolescents and families.  Currently, she runs Adolescent Services for the Bergen Family Center, providing clinical interventions, education, and other supports to adolescents.  Mariam is a trained Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate working with sexual assault/abuse survivors.  She is also a Green Dot Facilitator, working on how to prevent potentially violent/sexually violent situations among youth and their peers.  To date, Mariam has trained over 500 high school students on bystander intervention strategies.  Mariam also ran the Sexual Violence Resource Center for Bergen County, NJ, providing clinical and educational services on sexual violence to the county.  Mariam specializes in sexual violence, trauma, violence prevention and adolescent health with international trauma work experience.