Mitha Choudhury

Program Coordinator, EMPOWER Center

Sanctuary For Families

Mitha Choudhury is the Program Coordinator for the EMPOWER Center in NYC, a multi-disciplinary health center for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and people currently in the sex trade. In 2015, she graduated with a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology, where she completed a literature review on online child sexual exploitation which sparked her interest in this area of work. Since then, Mitha has had several years of experience in advocacy roles where she has worked with survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking in both the UK and now the US. Mitha is passionate about educating people about the realities and dangers of the sex trade. She actively does outreach work, training on CSE and also facilitates coercion resiliency group workshops with survivors to help them recognize the control techniques used by traffickers, sexual abusers, media and other coercive agents. She is an active member of the NYFEM Coalition (New Yorkers for the Equality Model) where she spearheads communications and manages social media. Empowering survivors of sexual exploitation and being involved in legislative advocacy for policy change is key to Mitha’s work. Through this work she hopes to bring about societal change in our view of the sex trade.