Monique Calderón

Care Manager


Monique Calderón is a fierce Advocate for Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking, an educational trainer on CSE & ST and a Survivor Overcomer of CSE. She has been involved in the Anti-Trafficking Movement for 10 years.

Currently, Monique is the Care Manager at Treasures where she provides direct services for Survivors of CSE and ST and creates strategic partnerships with resources across the country. She worked as a Survivor Advocate with ZOE International where she worked with children who have been Commercially Sexually Exploited in Los Angeles County. Monique’s advocacy extends into the space of Educational Training, where she equips multi-disciplinary audiences on being trauma and survivor informed, educates on the various intersections of domestic sex trafficking and best practices when engaging with survivors utilizing the Stages of Change model.

Monique has also worked with survivors overseas in the Red Light Districts of the Philippines and Vietnam. She has given a TEDx Talk where she talks about finding self-worth. Monique is currently launching Libertad Life Consulting- where she will work with survivors to bring multi-generational healing through a blend of Life Coaching, Counseling and aspects of Somatic Therapy.