Riss Myung

Internal Education Coordinator

World Without Education Youth Coalition

Riss Myung is Internal Education Coordinator of the World Without Exploitation Youth Coalition, a national youth movement to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation through education, advocacy, and awareness. In her role, Riss leads the internal education meetings for her fellow Youth Coalition council members. Outside of the coalition, she serves as a Youth Consultant for an anti trafficking and anti sexual assault organization that provides culturally competent resources and programs for Southeast Asian young women. She also works as a tutor and teacher associate for low income first generation high schoolers on the topics of poetry, creative writing, environmental justice, health & medicine. Riss writes on the topics of gender based violence, women's liberation, and intersectional feminism. She studies Public Health and Global Poverty & Practice at University of California, Berkeley. Riss is a member of AF3IRM, a transnational anti-imperialist feminist all-grassroots organization.