Tricia Grant

Executive Director

Just Love Worldwide

Tricia Grant is the Executive Director of Just Love Worldwide and a State Legislative Expert Advisor for NCOSE. A strong advocate for survivors and youth vulnerable to exploitation, and a leader in the anti-trafficking movement, she is also the Founder and Director of If Only 1. Tricia is a survivor of domestic minor sex trafficking who now educates and mentors youth and adults in large group and one-on-one settings about the reality of human trafficking and exploitation. As a survivor-leader, Tricia consults with safe houses all over the country. She works with first-time sex buyers facilitating groups of offenders as a diversionary program in the state of Maine.  Having been trafficked in Maine and throughout New England when she was 15 and living on her own with her little boy, Tricia has been able to connect deeply with at-risk youth and encourage victims of trafficking/exploitation and sexual trauma as they move forward in their healing process. Tricia has worked with governors and attorneys general to educate groups of health care providers, educators, law enforcement, and business professionals about the underlying trauma associated with sexual abuse, assault, and domestic minor sex trafficking. She shares her story with the hope that it will help others understand that trafficking can happen to anyone anywhere and prevent victims from waiting 16 years to talk about it, as she did.