Alisa Bernard

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy

Thistle Farms

Alisa accepted the role of Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at Thistle Farms in 2021, where she provides leadership that helps Thistle Farms and its network partners address harmful practices and policies that promote the sexual abuse and exploitation of women as well as identifying legislative opportunities that can help more survivors of trafficking and prostitution access the supports they need to heal. Previously, she served as the Executive Director of Education and Partnerships for the Organization for Prostitution Survivors, was appointed to the Washington State Attorney General's CSEC Coordinating Committee, was a founding member of King County's Ending Exploitation Collaborative, and has consulted to such organizations as Amber Alert, Demand Abolition, and World Without Exploitation, while continuing to work as a consultant to NCMEC and NCOSE. She has authored articles featured in the Seattle Times, Crosscut, and Dignity Journal.