Lisa Hofflich

Senior Vice President


Lisa Hofflich is a Senior Vice President at Actum, a global consultancy firm specializing in government relations, advocacy, and communications. With a career spanning roles in Congress, the state legislature, and news organizations, Lisa brings a unique combination of communication skills and policy expertise to her position.

Before joining Actum, Lisa served as a senior advisor and regional director to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, where she played a pivotal role in shaping federal policy on education, healthcare, aging, agriculture, food policy, and various social issues. Her responsibilities included managing congressional appropriations requests, state and federal grant funding, and building coalitions across government, business, and nonprofit sectors.

Lisa's political expertise was further honed as a legislative advisor for New York State Assembly members Sandra Galef and Amy Paulin. In these roles, she developed policy positions and steered key state legislation, addressing critical areas such as child welfare, reproductive rights, and gender equality. Her legislative accomplishments include drafting and advocating for numerous bills that were signed into law, such as those ending child sex trafficking, expanding human trafficking intervention courts, mandating hospitality employee training to recognize trafficking victims, and requiring all hotels and motels to post human trafficking hotline posters. At the federal level, she worked on a bill to vacate convictions for crimes committed while a person was a trafficking victim.

Lisa began her career as a television investigative news producer for national and New York City outlets, including CNBC, WNBC, and "Extra."