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Equal Not Exploited.

About the 3rd Annual World Without Exploitation Youth Summit

How do we create a more equitable and exploitation-free world? We do it by coming together, which is what Equal Not Exploited - the third annual World Without Exploitation (WorldWE) Youth Summit - was all about. This year, WorldWE took its annual gathering of allies, activists and artists, ages 16 - 28, into a digital space, reaching a national audience. During our education and activism-focused summit, participants heard from those impacted by exploitation … learned more about its root causes and consequences … and explored new and creative strategies for creating a world where no one is bought, sold or exploited.

View WorldWE Youth Summit Day 1.

View WorldWE Youth Summit Day 2.

Following Up

The Youth Coalition will continue what was started at the WorldWE Youth Summit. We will continue to come together in conversation and activism. Please sign up for the WorldWE Youth Coalition if you’re interested in learning more, talking more, and engaging in activism around commercial sexual exploitation.

You can download the Materials Packet referenced by panelists during the Youth Summit. The packet includes resources from both Day 1 and Day 2.  We encourage you to check it out.

Our Goals Are

Meet Our Speakers


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|>Day 1. Wednesday, July 15. ALL TIMES EASTERN (GMT-5)|

|4:30 pm|Welcome Video|
|4:35 pm|Sex Trafficking 101 with: Lauren Hersh (World Without Exploitation)|

|4:50 pm|Survivors Speak Out: Law, Policy, & Demand. Lauren Hersh moderates with:  Vednita Carter (Breaking Free), Cristian Eduardo (Sanctuary for Families), Megan Lundstrom (Avery Center for Research & Services)|
|5:30 pm|BREAK|
|5:35 pm|Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism and Prostitution with: Taina Bien-Aimé (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women), Jimmie Briggs (Man Up Campaign), Audrey Morrissey (My Life My Choice), Christine Stark (Author)|
|6:10 pm|BREAK|
|6:15 pm|Men Talking Equality with: Ali Bien-Aimé (Student activist), Katie Cappiello (KatieCappiello.com), Jordan Eliot (Actor/Writer)|

|>Day 2. Wednesday, July 22. ALL TIMES EASTERN (GMT-5)|
|4:30 pm| Opening: Youth Summit Planning Committee|
|4:35 pm|Imagining a World Without Exploitation: A Crowd Sourced Spoken Word Piece written and performed with: Marline Johnson (The Voices and Faces Project), Nikki Patin (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation), Anne K. Ream (The Voices and Faces Project)|
|4:50 pm|The Bitter Truth About Sugaring: Deception and False Promises in Exploitation's New Frontier with: Tamar Arenson (Youth Advocate), Staysha Hackmann (Survivor Leader), Angie Henderson (University of Northen Colorado)|
|5:30 pm|BREAK|
|5:35 pm|TraffickingHub: How Pornhub is Enabling Sexual Exploitation and What We Can Do about It with: Laila Mickelwait (Exodus Cry)|

|5:55 pm|Take Action: The Equality Model with: Nikki Bell (LIFT Worcester), Alisa Bernard (Organization for Prostitution Survivors), Yvonne Chen (ECPAT-USA), Ane Mathieson (EMPOWER Center), Shobana Powell (Sanctuary for Families)|
|6:35 pm| Wrap-Up: The Youth Committee Speaks Out|
|6:40 pm|Youth Committee Town Hall (Optional Add-On)|


The Youth Summit is made available free of charge. In lieu of a registration fee, please consider making a donation to World Without Exploitation.

Donations made through August 31, 2020 will be matched by The Jensen Project, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000, effectively doubling your donation. Our thanks to The Jensen Project for their generous support. And to you, for yours.

Youth Summit registrants who donate $25 or more will receive an "Equal Not Exploited" mask.

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Questions? Please email Lauren@worldwe.org