Power On

The 6th Annual World Without Exploitation Youth Summit.


6th Annual World Without Exploitation Youth Summit


July 19, 2023 from
9:30am to 4:00pm


Brooklyn Law School
250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

While the internet has proven to be an instrument for change, it has also created new avenues for pimps and traffickers to readily exploit those most vulnerable. Studies have reported sexual exploitation taking place on computers, smartphones, video game consoles and social media platforms. Recognizing how the sex trade operates online can better equip the next generation of tech leaders, policy makers, and innovators on how to take action against online exploitation.

We're coming together to end on and offline exploitation, and create a safer, more equitable world. Bring your power to NYC and join us!

Note: A light breakfast and lunch will be provided on site.

Questions? Email: dahlia@worldwithoutexploitation.org



Check In


Youth Summit Begins

The Youth Summit will be kicked off with a Sex Trade 101, a brief presentation on the fundamentals of the sex trade.

9:50am - 10:35am

The Power Source: Intersecting Oppressions of the Sex Trade

Hear from sex trade survivors and seasoned activists as they address the violent core of the sex trade and delve into the nuance of how intersecting oppressions serve to hypersexualize and commodify particular identities, especially as the sex trade is moving increasingly online.    

With Taina Bien-Aimé (CATW International), Desiree Demos (LIFT) and Cristian Eduardo (Survivor & Human Trafficking Consultant). Moderated by Georgia Vasilopoulos (The EMPOWER Center).

10:45am - 11:30am

Origins to OnlyFans: The Evolution of Sex as a Commodity 

Take a look at the development of the sex trade through history with an eye towards the introduction of technology — from Christopher Columbus to Backpage to AI.

With Lauren Hersh (World Without Exploitation), Melanie Thompson (CATW International), and Laura Ramirez (CATW International). Moderated by Jade Bentley (The WorldWE Youth Coalition).

11:40am - 12:10pm

Leading with Legislation: Advocating for Survivor-Centered Policy

Learn from policy experts about the legal frameworks that exist to address the sex trade and what it means to center survivors and those with lived experience when crafting policy.

With Alisa Bernard (World Without Exploitation) and Yasmin Vafa (Rights4Girls). Moderated by Dahlia Locke (The WorldWE Youth Coalition).

12:15pm - 12:35pm

Keynote: The Rise of Cyber Sexual Abuse

Lindsey Song (Sanctuary for Families, New York Cyber Abuse Task Force)

12:40pm - 1:30pm

Lunch and Break

1:40pm - 3:15pm


  1. 1:40pm - 2:25pm - Workshops (Choice 1)
  2. 2:30pm - 3:15pm Workshops (Choice 2)


The New Pimps: OnlyFans, Sugaring and Digital Sexploitation

Applying a critical eye to the rise of OnlyFans and sugaring, we will discuss the exploitation rife within the transactional exchanges that these online platforms facilitate. Although both are seen as safer forms of prostitution, the reality is much more complex. 

Facilitated by Laura Ramirez (CATW International)


The Unwritten Terms & Conditions of Pornography

The proliferation of sexual abuse material on pornography sites is pervasive and has become an increasingly present issue in the lives of young people due to the normalization of pornography and the non-consensual spreading of nude images. Understand the ethics of cyber-sexual exploitation and how one can take legal action. 

Facilitated by Michelle Kaminsky (King’s County District Attorney’s Office) and Helen Taylor (ExodusCry)


A Platform for Change: Using Media to End Exploitation

Technology and social media have been manipulated by exploiters to facilitate exploitation online. As conscious consumers, we can use technology and the media as tools to create awareness and prevent the further exploitation of other youth and vulnerable communities.

Facilitated by Mitha Choudhury (The EMPOWER Center) and Maria Elisa Escobar (The WorldWE Youth Coalition)

3:20pm - 3:45pm

Reflections from the Digital Generation

Having grown up with technology, young people understand first hand the power that technology holds and its impacts. Hear from our WorldWE Youth Coalition members as they reflect on the ubiquity of online sexual exploitation and how we can take back the power from exploiters.